The ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) has obtained the victory in Monday’s parliamentary election, according to results released by the National Electoral Commission.

RPF has score 75 per cent of the vote. This result add to the score of his allies, will assure Government Coalition an absolute majority in Parliament.

This coalition includes the RPF, Democratic Party (PD), the Party of Progress and Concord (PPC), the Rwandan Socialist Party (PSR) and the Ideal Democratic Party (PDI).

The main opposition party, the Social Democratic Party has registered 13.01 per cent  of votes, followed by the Free Party (9.38 per cent) and the Party Imberakuri (0.56 per cent).

Independent candidates trail, with Gilbert Mwenedata leading the pack with 0.42 per cent, then Venuste Bizirema with 0.36 per cent, Clovis Ganza 0.23 per cent, and Leonille Mutuyimana, who only mustered 0.15 per cent of the total votes.

The victory of the Rwandese Patriotic Front confirm the popularity it still enjoys the government of Paul Kagame, even at the Diapora, which the RPF also swept with 85 per cent.

The consent is given by the strategic political point of view because Rwanda is under international pressure for the support given to the rebellion of the Banyarwanda M23 to the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The elections were preceded by an attack of the terrorist group FDLR took place at the general market in Kigali Friday evening September 13 and by rumors of an imminent invasion by terrorist organization FDLR that is operating terrorist activities from DRC.

One of the reasons of FPR victory can be the promise of transforming Rwanda in the first East African middle-income country by 2018. During the next five years of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy, Government hopes to double its GDP per capita from $600 to $1.200.

The project will be focus meanly on rural areas in order to decrease the level of poverty between the peasant, most of them Hutu. The third Integrated Household Living Condition Survey carried out by Rwanda statistics body shows that poverty is still high in rural areas and among the population involved in the agriculture. Rural poverty stands at 48,7 per cent while urban poverty is at 22.1 per cent of the population.



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