Somalia. Al Shabaab revelations on Westgate attack

Gunmen who perpetuate terroristic attack to Westgate Nairobi were special suicide commandos, Al Shabaab said yesterday.

Despite the nature of the commandos Al Shabaab was not able to confirm their dead during the operation.

Kenya’s army in Chief Julius Karangi was not able to confirm the destiny of gunmen only that they attempted to fee.

Several witness testify to regional media that the majority of terrorist escaped from Westgate confusing between civilians survived from the inferno.

Four Somali illegal migrants have been arrested suspected to be linked with terrorist commandos.  They are under trial nowadays. Many observers have serious doubts about their implication on Westgate attack. It may be a propaganda attempt to rehabilitate the reputation of Kenya Government facing strong critics about terrorist emergency’s management.

Liberia. Marijuana found in President security car.

Perry Dolo, Head of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf security has been arrested after crossed the border with Sierra Leone.

Mr. Dolo has been allegedly by Drug Enforcement Agency DEA smuggling drugs. In “Escort 1” the security car wich normally lead the President convoy has been found 297kg of Marijuana.

Bo-Water side border security forces said Mr. Dolo was under surveillance for two weeks before be arrested with other three in the town of  Tienne, about 120km from Monrovia the capital.

BBC journalist Paye-Layleh in Monrovia said DEA Liberian Agency has in recent years stepped up efforts to curb marijuana farming in Liberia’s countryside but the agency is often lack of resources.

Several Ministries and Generals are suspected to be involved in drug traffic but they benefice of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf protection according Liberian opposition. Most of them are key person of former President Charles Taylor nowadays members of Sirleaf’s Government.

Angola. President criticized.

Angolian opposition parties and civil society have criticized President’s absence during the 38th anniversary of Independence on Monday. President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos is in Barcellona, Spain since Saturday for private visit that can been linked to Angola’s plans to absorb  important Spain industry in deeply crisis.


The peace deal between Congo Government and rebel group M23 expected on Monday has been delayed indefinitely. Kinshasa Government see no need to sign agreement with the losers.  Regional Intelligence sources reveals that M23 may not been defeated and can reorganize its force to strike again DRC and MONUSCO if any peace agreement will not be reach.

Ivory Coast.

Opposition party Ivorian Popular Front has demanded the immediate release of former President Laurent Gbagbo from the International Criminal Court, inform Boubakar Kone, administrator and organizer of the party. ICC is accused to have failed to investigate over crimes against humanity of rebellion movement lead by President Alassane Ouattara, following political suggestion from France.


Gun battles between rival militias raged in several parts of the Libyan capital Tripoli on Tuesday night. It was one of the most intense militia infighting since the fall of Moammar Gadhafi. Libyan Government virtual nature is evident as it is evident that has failed to disarms militias and restore peace and stability.



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