In April 2014, will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Holocaust that destroyed Rwandese in 100 days a million lives between Tutsis and moderate Hutus .

The genocide was planned by nationalist Nazi regime of Habyarimana and France to stop the war of liberation of Paul Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front .

African Report aims to contribute to this important commemoration with a series of articles footage entitled NEVER AGAIN .

A historical retrospective necessary because in 2013 France has resumed his plans of conquest of Rwanda using the terrorist group Force Democratique de Liberation du Rwanda (FDLR) ,responsible of 94 genocide.
A first attempt at invasion of Rwanda was tried in September 2013 with Operation Abagunzi . In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the government and the media are spreading ethnic hatred against Congolese citizens of Tutsi origin and against Rwanda , taking as an excuse the war against the M23 rebellion that for a year has shook the east of the country.

France with the same excuse of humanitarian assistance which he adopted to intervene in Rwanda in 1994 to save the Rwandan genocidal militias putting them safely in the near Congo – Zaire , now in the Central African Republic does not intervene to stop the Christian militias that are making ethnic cleansing against the Muslim community native and foreign . Unprecedented violence that now border on the Genocide .

This retrospective series of articles intended to inform the public of what has been happen because, as taught by the horrific events taking place in the Central African Republic, the genocide is still an eventuality and a weapon used by anachronistic colonial powers.

Fulvio Beltrami

Kigali, Rwanda.



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