Gado Kenya

Gado Kenya

President Yoweri Museveni has refused to put his signature on the controversial law that homosexuality thar has sparked a civil war within the ruling party the National Revolutionary Movement (NRM ) and a tsunami of international protests .

In the letter addressed to the Parliament President Museveni clarifies the reasons for his refusal .

We reproduce below some of the most important steps .

“This law is unnecessary because gay people will go underground and continue practicing homosexuality or lesbianism for mercenary reasons. The heart of the bill is the debate on homosexuality in order to be able to define exactly what should we do before these abnormal people. We have to kill all?  We must to jail them for their entire lives ? We must help them to get out of their state of physical and psychological abnormality ?
I am more inclined to last  solution. We must understand the reasons why a human being commit such bestiality acts, so he can help effectively . For example, lesbians become such because they are ugly and they cannot find a husband. We must help them  to find a partner and form a normal family. You will see that they will be grateful. If we imprison them we will turn them into martyrs.
Homosexuality is caused by a form of mental illness that is treatable and by prostitution instigated by Western expatriates . Let’s focus to address these causes and not to punish them . ”
Reactions to President Museveni ‘s decision to reject the famous Kill the Gay Bill, have not had to wait on the side of human rights associations in discussing an important step forward in the defense of human dignity and sexual minorities in Uganda.

“Obviously the speech by President Museveni is not in favor of gay, considered mentally ill to be cured, but it represents a victory for the Ugandan civil society and the international movement for the rights of gays and lesbians. Although the definitions of the President addressed to these people, considered abnormal, near to the parody and the comedy are undeniable offenses to those who have chosen different sexual paths than commonly accepted , it is preferable that a lesbian will designate as such because she not able to find anyone to marry than to languish in a Ugandan prison where every day she will be the victim of gang rapes until she will chose the suicide as the only way to freedom. “said a Ugandan gay activist under the protection of anonymity.
The constant references to the death penalty made ​​by the President and by the Prime Minister cast doubts on several regional political activists and experts that the death penalty provided for in the original Act of 2009 was actually replaced with life imprisonment . A doubt difficult to verify because no one in Uganda , outside the Parliament and the Prime Minister, seems to have had the opportunity to examinate the actual text of the law voted on December 20, 2013.

The anti-gay law is inserted in a heated debate in place since 2012 within the party (NRM ) and within the Armed Forces ( UDPF ) for the eventual transfer of power as a result of a will, never officially declared but most likely , of the President Museveni to retire , preferring to manage the country by proxy.
The candidates to succeed : Amama Mbabazi and Rebecca Kadaga are disputing the possibility of becoming the official NRM candidate for the upcoming presidential elections planned in 2016 through a war and intrigue of institutional power with no holds barred .

In refusing to endorse the anti-gay law and oblige the Parliament to approve a posthumous military intervention in South Sudan , President Yoweri Museveni wanted to send a message to the nation to still be able to securely hold the reins of power .

Now we await the reactions of the movement led by the homophobic Ugandan Anglican Church and subtly , by the Catholic Church . Two days ago some MPs havepromised mass popular demonstrations calling for the resignation of the President in the event that not to sign the law.
We’ll see if these events will be held in the coming days . The possibility of these events is reduced thanks to the warning issued three days ago by a senior executive of the Special Teams Anti Riot , also known as the ” Black Mamba “: “We are ready for any eventuality . The police will respond with maximum effectiveness at all subversive attempts that will be made ​​by the proponents of this law if it is rejected by President Museveni . ”
Perhaps the threat will not be necessary , because as pointed out by the Ugandan gay activist interview : ” Ordinary people do not care about gays . They are focused on the real problems of the country such as health , education, unemployment and development. ”
Fulvio Beltrami
Kigali, Rwanda.



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