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The Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab, linked to Al-Qaeda, has issued an ultimatum ordering Internet providers to stop network access to mobile phones and via the optical fibers within 15 days.
At the expiry of the ultimatum all the companies that have not complied with the directives will be considered enemies of Islam and liable to capital punishment.
The ultimatum was released by the Facebook page run by the extremist group and the local radio Al-Andalus under their control.

Apparently the threat seems unusual.
“>The terrorist group, which from 2007 to 2009 controlled the country in the Horn of Africa, has suffered heavy losses inflicted by the military contingent of the African Union: AMISOM driving under Uganda commando

In contrast, the Ugandan intelligence experts warn that the threat is to be taken seriously.

Despite being the group in great difficulty, Al-Shabaab still controls many areas in north and in south Somalia.
“>In addition, its ability to carry out terrorist attacks in major cities, including the capital, Mogadishu, remains intact.

According to data provided by the Internet World Status, in June 2012, there were 126,000 Internet users, corresponding to 1.2% of the population.
“>Marketing experts predict a boom of users thanks to the return of the Somali diaspora from West Countries, enthusiastic  to participate in the reconstruction of their homeland.

“>To date, the network connection has been assured by services dial-up or satellite.

“>From 2013 Telecom companies are penetrating the international market attractive Somali implementing significant investments to ensure the optical fibers in the main cities from the capital and the internet service for mobile phones and I-Pads.
Al-Shabaab promotes an extreme interpretation of the Koran and Sharia, recently condemned by senior members of international Islam including the American Imam Hassan Ali Mohamud. At the peak of its power 2008 – 2009 Al-Shabaab had banned the film, television, radio, music and all the books, except the Koran and other Islamic religious works.

The Internet threat against Al-Shabaab has strengthened the will of AMISOM, which defends the Somali government in collaboration with the regular army, recently reorganized, to launch new military offensives in the territories still controlled by the terrorist group, with the help of armies
“>Ethiopian and Kenyan who operate outside of the contingent of the African Union, while maintaining a close coordination of military operations with the AMISOM command.

“>The ultimatum for Al-Shabaab has also opened a debate on the effectiveness of the monitoring of the managers of the famous social network Facebook.

Apparently Facebook prohibits pages within your network that contain images or writings pornographic or inciting racial hatred, extreme right-wing ideologies and terrorist.

“>Facebook administrators ensure the implementation of a content control, while respecting the freedom of expression of its users.

Yet there are dozens and dozens of Facebook pages pornographic, or operated by far-right and terrorist groups.

Try typing in the Facebook internal search engine “Uganda sex” and will appear a series of pages, sometimes with explicit images, which are actually pornographic or agencies operating in Uganda that offers prostitutes.
This is one of the examples, and perhaps the less dangerous. The genocidal Rwandan newspaper founded in 1957 Kinyamateka, who played a major role in the spread of ethnic hatred in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, has just recently reappeared on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/
Although having only 200 supporters at the time, the electronic version of Kinyamateka spreads messages of ethnic hatred and incitement to overthrow the current government and to make a second Rwandan genocide.
“>All posts are written strictly in the national language: the Kenyarwanda.
Other pages of the extreme right, including some dangerous groups Afrikaners (the white minority of South Africa) and terrorist groups such as Al-Shabaab are on Facebook.

All of these pages exploit the language gap by posting messages in national languages ​​little known and getting to the monitoring of the directors of the social network.

“>According to some experts the use of African tongues does not justify the directors of Facebook who, in their opinion, they are guilty of negligence.
A simple search on the meaning of the title of the page will reveal their subversive nature.
“>Often these subversive groups are using well known and historically significant titles to summarize their ideologies and goals.

An understanding of the content may be done with the help of Facebook users of the same nationality or other that know the language in order to verify in detail the page.

A greater and more careful monitoring by administrators Facebook would help to block sexually deviant or subversive messages that have a real impact, creating real drama in various countries as: psychological traumas or endanger the physical safety of victims of these pages.

Accurate monitoring would also avoid the risk that governments, because of Facebook negligence or incompetence , they will decide to take action directly obscuring the pages of their choice, thus opening the doors to the risk of political censorship of the net.



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