Hutu Power
Since November 2013 between the diaspora Rwandan Hutu in Congo , Kenya Tanzania and some European Countries is circulating  a document in the  Kiniarwanda entitled : “Warning to the dictatorship of the minority .”

The document is taken to Charles Kambanda , a Rwandan immigrant in France who edits the blog Ikaseiwacu , although some sources said that the document was prepared by the Political Committee of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Rwanda , the notorious terrorist group Rwandan operating base in eastern Congo .

The document is a clear incitement to ethnic revolt in Rwanda.
The document defines current government and President Paul Kagame as professional apparatus for Hutu extermination.

Kigali “dictatorship of the minority ” would have established an apartheid regime in the country excluding the Hutu from political participation , cultural and economic life , turning them into second-class citizens without rights and freedoms.
The racial junta (as is called the Rwandan government ) would also have destroyed Hutus culture and traditions and their conscience , convincing them that their fathers were all serial killers, before and during 1994 genocide .

Institutionalizing a relationship between “devils ” (Hutu) and ” saints” (Tutsi), the government would force the majority of the population to make their own guilt without historical basis to better control them .
According to the document, the Rwandan government would apply the compulsory sterilization to all Hutu males , would prevent inter ethnic marriages and encourage families mono-ethnic Tutsis to procreate as much as possible in order to solve the demographic imbalance between the two ethnic groups .

The majority of Hutu would not have access to modern health care or education. These essential social services would be available only by  Tutsi citizen.

The genocide that took place in 1994 it would be a civil war , where “excesses” and massacres were committed by both sides.
These incredible accusations doesn’t matched with the reality of the country, committed, since the post-genocide period, in national reconciliation and the strengthening of economic development to prevent social inequalities and the reemerge of ethnic hatreds .

The document provides an explanation of  conspiracy theory strengthen the weak accusations against Rwanda contradictory to reality.

President Paul Kagame have woven a worldwide network of sympathizers of Tutsis Power in complicity with former U.S. President Bill Clinton , former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the international Jewish lobby .

This network , called in the document ” Kagame’ friends” would pay several international media and an army of journalists and bloggers to offer to the international public opinion an idyllic image of terror instituted against the majority Hutu. These media network has the task of hiding from the world the project “silent genocide” of the Hutu race through the male sterilization .

The document  concludes by encouraging the Hutu population to join the “freedom fighters” to overthrow the regime and to establish true democracy of the majority. There is no reference to any military group.
Charles Kambanda , his blog Ikaseiwacu and the document circulating in the region between the Hutu Rwandan diaspora could be safely relegated to the vast trash literature propagate in the West by nostalgic of  dictatorial regimes that still uphold the ideologies promoted by Nazism and Stalinism , the latter not be associated with the school of socialist and Marxist thought .
Unfortunately it does not seem a campaign of nostalgic criminals.

The blog Ikaseiwacu , which incites ethnic hatred and genocide in his writings in the local language, (ideas not clearly expressed in his writings in English destined to the Wasungu – West people), has not been overshadowed by  French government despite the fact that the European Constitution prohibits ethnic hatred propaganda, incitement to racial hatred and Genocide.

There are strong suspicions that the extremist blog is also the author of the two false news of the sudden death of President Paul Kagame that have been spread on the net, the clandestine radio and by word of mouth in order to create a regional chaos .

At the time of uptake of these news in the cities of Goma and Beni, eastern Congo , have been recorded violent demonstrations against ethnic Rwanda and Congolese citizens of Tutsi origin .

It have been recorded provocations on the border between Rwanda and Goma Gyseni created by a crowd of Congolese unemployed and underclass who wanted to “invade” Rwanda to march on the capital Kigali taking advantage of the supposed death of the dictator Kagame .

Only the calm and the joint efforts of the soldiers and border police Congolese and Rwandans have prevented the Rwandan army opened fire on the crowd who wanted at all costs to illegally cross the border, according the witness received.
This propaganda Hutu Power joins the obvious ethnic propaganda against the Tutsi minority in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) promoted by the Government to hide its political failure.

This propaganda has been amplified by large sectors of civil society linked to the Catholic Church. This religious institution is providing a  contradittory policy about racial problems in the Great Lakes Region .

While in Burundi, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference condemns the Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza ‘s attempt to establish a system of racial Hutu Power; in Rwanda on November 2013 the Catholic bishops have issued a document that subtly tends to the thesis of Tutsi minority dictatorship in the country, refusing to recognize the proven responsibility of the Catholic clergy during the genocide of 1994, when they chose to be ally  with the perpetrators of the Holocaust.

In the east of DRC the local clergy is actively fueling the campaign of ethnic hatred promoted from Kinshasa while Western missionaries who have distinguished themselves for their sympathies for the cause of Hutu Power in from 1994 until 2008, now have chosen to don’t be part in this dispute.
The escalation of racial propaganda carried out by the Hutu diaspora , the clergy and the Kinshasa government is associated with the dark sides of the conduct of the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo: MONUSCO and his manager Martin Kobler who is also the Special Representative of the General Secretariat of the United Nations in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Mr. Kobler and MONUSCO are (in theory)  in charge of cleaning up the east of the country by the various militias that occupy entire regions , that continue undisturbed the illegal trade in precious minerals.

Mr. Kobler and MONUSCO , after the defeat of Banyarwanda rebel movement M23 , are implementing a contradictory  and passive position regarding  the Rwandan terrorist group Force Democratique pour la Liberation du Congo (FDLR) .
On January 13 , 2014, Martin Kobler told the Security Council of the United Nations about the priority to concretizing  the regional security Framework Agreement signed in Addi Ababa on February 2013 on the and the peace agreements signed in December 2013 between the government and the M23 rebellion .

Mr Kobler estimates urgently to create a joint military action with the Congolese army (FARDC ) against the Rwandan rebel FDLR and the Ugandan islamist group ADF (Alliance of Democratic Forces).
The leadership of the FDLR will have no choice but to surrender“,  said Kobler said during a UN Security Council meeting in presence of Rwanda Representative. Mr. Kobler noting that 2014 marks the twentieth anniversary of the genocide .
Two days later, on January 15, 2014 Martin Kobler , during a conference on peace in Congo organized by various national NGOs , has lashed out accusing Rwanda and Uganda to reorganize and rearm the M23 rebellion in anticipation of the resumption of hostilities in the east of DRC .
During this conference Mr. Kobler has slightly mentioned the problem of the FDLR as if it were a marginal topic of little importance.
The Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region of the U.S. Department of State ; Russell Feingold has an opposite opinion.

Mr. Feingold has confirmed the agreements made with the Government of Rwanda on December 4, 2013 . “To ensure a lasting solution for peace and stability in the region the neutralization of the FDLR is an urgent priority” , the American special envoy said .

Ignoring this priority , Martin Kobler has begun a campaign against the risk of a resumption of the conflict by the M23. These propaganda tooks a whole week with daily statements on the subject , and using the coverage of Congolese , French medias, and Radio Okapi to spread a simple message: the only danger for peace and regional stability come from M23.

The message is considered by many regional experts and incomprehensible and distorted.
Martin Kobler is alleged to have turned the independent UN radio brocasting Radio Okapi in his propaganda organ imposing an uncritical attitude towards the government in Kinshasa. Critical voices within the radio would have been silenced.

Faced with mounting criticism inside United Nations for his current regional position  , Mr. Kobler has explained MONUSCO passive attitude  concerning  terrorist group FDLR , accusing  DRC government to reserve a common treatment to 40 militias operating in the east of the country, called ” negative forces ” without recognizing the priority to neutralize FDLR terrorist group .
The statement left dumbfounded both the Congolese government that the major newspapers of the capital : Le Potentiel , L’Avenir and the Prospérité .

According to the public information Kinshasa and MONUSCO both agree that FDLR is a priority.  For the moment military operation against FDRL are not yet forecast.
The debate opened by Mr. Kobler weakens the military operation against the Ugandan ADF codenamed “Operation Sokola ” began on January 17, 2014 .
The offensive launched by the Congolese army (FARDC ) it is concentrated in the towns of Mamundioma , Kambi ya Mabi , Kalemi and Mwalika , considered important bastions of the Islamic rebellion Ugandan ADF .
Despite Governmental reports of victory, the campaign doesn’t appear to have a real impact on the ground . The ADF rebellion after a few hours of clashes, leaves positions for came back after regular army leaves the place.

As noted by an experienced Ugandan officer,  Operation Soloka is doomed to failure since it was entrusted to General Bahuma Ambamba known for his inexperience and the various corruption scandals inside of FARD  military logistics department.

The only FARDC General able to defeat the various armed militias was Colonel Mamadou Ndala , in charge  of the Commando Unit Rapid Reaction Brigade , who was killed in an ambush January 2, 2013.

Several observer indicate Colonel Mamadou Ndala’ death  as a state murder ordered by President Joseph Kabila frightened by Colonel Ndala popularity and determination.

A victory over negative forces obtained by Colonel Ndala could turn him into a national hero and a formidable candidate for the presidential elections forecast for 2016.

The Government of Kinshasa had already tried to move the Colonel Ndala after the first victorious offensive against the M23 .

Initially, the Kinshasa Government had imputed the responsibility to Ugandan Islamic group. Following the diffusion of  emblematic videos of the mureder and popular anger Kinshasa has shifted the responsibility to  two FARDC officers of Tutsi origin . The official version provided to the population ( the officers were hired by the M23 ) increased the popular fury against the Congolese Tutsi minority .
Suspicions of complicity between MONUSCO and the FDLR have been confirmed by the astonishing statement of the number 2 of MONUSCO , General Abdullah Wafi : ” The FDRL are a structured group as the M23 or the ADF. FDLR Is composed by former military misfits who live with their families and children in camps set up in areas difficult to access. We need to identify the fields and transfer them in other side of the Country.”
The declaration of the General Wafi sound incredible .

The original core of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda is composed of the former Rwandan army defeated by Rwandan Patriotic Front. Inside there are also the Interahamwe militia ( fighting together) , capable of only 100 days to wipe out a million Tutsis and Hutus in 1994.

The FDLR were founded September 30, 2000 by militants who have been engaged in combat since 1994.
The FDLR controls vast areas east of the country where they are located important deposits of valuable minerals which are exploited not only to finance  the weapons  but all the political and military command that resides in Europe, mainly in France, despite the fact that it is made ​​up of criminals wanted by the Special Court for Rwanda because of the planning and coordination of the genocide.

The FDLR can rely on a strong network of support among the Hutu diaspora in Kenya and Tanzania composed of more compromises with the Rwandan genocide. It can also count on the support of the Rwandan Hutu diaspora who got Congolese citizenship due to corruption of local authorities and the support provided by the government in Kinshasa and the Family Kabila.

Receiving arms and ammunition from the Congolese army in exchange for their commitment against the M23 , the FDLR has also become a real commercial holding company with profits accruing annually valued at about one million dollars, which from 2012 are not affected by the need to buy weapons .
Despite the MONUSCO continues to evaluate its actual not more than 3,000 men group should coordinate between about 12,000 militia FDLR and other armed groups from the Congolese allies.

A significant strength but in reality FDLR has a reduced offensive potential than imagined. More than 8000 men were recruited recently and would not have much military experience , thus limiting the ability to overpower one of the best armies in the region : that of Rwanda , ironically , 82%  composed by Hutus .
In September 2013, the FDLR have attempted to invade Rwanda assuming attack on three fronts: North and South Kivu and the Tanzanian border (Operation Abacunguzi ) . Attack foiled by the information received by the U.S. intelligence services and Ugandans who have allowed the government to Kigali to deploy his army at the borders.
The FDLR have been included in the U.S. list of international terrorist organizations and according to the National Counterterrorism Center of the United States are responsible for about a dozen terrorist attacks committed in Rwanda in 2009 and the massacre of hundreds of thousands of civilians in the eastern provinces of Congo.
We had a meeting with Martin Kobler where we exposed all our disappointment with the statements made . We can not allow the problem of the FDLR continues to be ignored indefinitely . We are outraged by the idea of MONUSCO to transfer these criminals in other countries. The UN mandate is not to transfer or protect the FDLR but to destroy them along with the other armed groups in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. “said the regional average Rwandan Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo .
Under guidance of Russell Feingold , the Obama Administration has officially requested the United Nations, MONUSCO and the Congolese Government to redouble their efforts for the destruction of the FDLR in the east of Congo. Russell Feingold reiterated the request directly to Martin Kobler during a conference call on 18 January 2014.
South Africa , which makes up the African Intervention Brigade which fought the M23, may push to attack the FDLR confronting  unlucky opposition inside of the Brigade . The Opposition is expressed by the Tanzanian contingent logical consequence of the pact between the FDLR and the Government of Dar El- Salaam in July 2013 .
The credibility of Martin Kobler is increasingly compromised and reinforce suspicions that the Head of MONUSCO is not able to handle the situation with the neutral attitude expected from UN peacekeeping missions .

There are strong suspicions that Kobler is politically oriented sympathies Hutu Power. Indictment always denied by the Head of MONUSCO but brutally confirmed by the traditional chiefs of the district of Walikale that a week ago they publicly accused of complicity with the MONUSCO FDRL .

We are perfectly aware of the agreements made ​​between MONUSCO and the FDLR in the proposal in order to have this Kobler militia at his side to fight the M23 . The FDLR and armed groups allied control Walikale spreading terror but MONUSCO does not intervene. We begin to suspect that Kobler looking at all costs, to encourage FDLR to destabilize Rwanda and implement a change of regime in Kigali . ” MONUSCO has chosen to ignore these allegations.
According to the Ugandan journalist Frederick Golooba the proposal to move to other areas , the FDLR is likely to be interpreted not only as a protection of the terrorist group but it is also impossible. The FDLR can not give up nearly a million dollars a year from the illegal trade of minerals in areas to the east of the Congo under his control .
The liability of MONUSCO to the FDLR is making the region insecure .

Several military authorities , politicians and journalists , claiming and Rwandan FDLR are preparing a second attempt to invade Rwanda. These fears would be confirmed by the confessions of senior FDLR commanders captured by the Rwandan army in July and August 2013 and by the Minister of Prisons General Paul Rwarakabije , one of the founders of the FDLR later repented and integrated in the government of Kagame .
The irresponsible attitude of Martin Kobler is pushing  the region into a generalized conflict on several occasions avoided since the rebellion subversive of the M23 .

According to some observers, regional Uganda and Rwanda can not tolerate this situation any longer , which allows the FDLR to get stronger physically and psychologically for the invasion. For both countries it is urgent neutralizing the FDLR in predictions of future instability in Burundi caused by the CNDD-FDD government’s attempt to establish a system of racial through constitutional reforms.
Charles Kambanda , in his blog Ikaseiwacu seems very active in the work of disinformation with the goal of increasing ethnic hatred against Rwanda and spreading alarming news .

On 22 January, he spread the false news of Rwandan troops invasion in North Kivu . A department within the Rwandan army in the Congo in October 2013 to retire at the end of November 2013 after the defeat of the M23 .
The news has been spread in collaboration with representatives of civil society in North Kivu and the Congolese elusive information website : B One Television , which broadcasts only in the network. The dominoes of this television is registered in France



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