The French government is implementing a sinister evolution of France-Afrique’s  geo strategies,  prelude to a period of destabilization and wars in order to stop independent development African countries and to safeguard the economic future of France.

Starting from the theory formulated in 1953 of the “Revolutionary War,” the policy document provides for the restructuring of French Cooperation Department, the creation of super regional embassies to coordinate the activities of the French in the Continent and the two main enemies to fight: the United States and China.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 in Paris. On the desk of President Francois Hollande is deposited a report concerning  the relationship between France and Africa , edited by Senators Janny Lorgeoux and Jean -Marie Bockel . The report is entitled: ” L’Afrique east notre avenir ” ( Africa is our future) , with a footnote: Confidential. Not to disclose.

Unfortunately, this note did not prevent the leak of information transmitted by someone within the Elysée that reached Jeuneafrique magazine , who immediately published the news about the evolution of French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Strategy on Afrique, known under the name of France- Afrique.

The news was denied by the Government. Jeuneafrique would have received biased information .  Lorgeoux & Bockel report examine the reform of bilateral cooperation , proposing a new Cooperation Agency . On October 29, 2013 French Senate makes public the report.

The official statement is contradicted by the political weight of the two Senators authors of the report which makes it difficult to accept the official version of a simple technical proposal for new cooperation agency creation.

Jeanny Lorgeoux is an African specialist implicated in several key moments in the last fifteen years of the France- Afrique . Jean -Marie Bockel is the former Secretary of State for Cooperation that has worked for several years with Colonel Charles Lacheroy former head of the Military School of Paris, Advisor to the Minister of Defense and creator of the Psychological Action Office , a French Army department, created in 1956 and kept secret to the Allies. Objective: To quell any attempt at revolution in the French colonies using the methods learned by the Gestapo and the Nazi’s SS .

Colonel Charles Lacheroy is entered into the history of the French Republic for having conceived in 1956 and implemented in Africa, the military doctrine of the ” Revolutionary War ” on which was based the creation of the African Cell inside French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The doctrine was elaborated in the first instance to contain the independent wave in the African colonies. The  doctrine was applied  for the first time during the Algeria war , and later to create loyal dictatorships in the former African colonies by the kleptocratic regime of Mobutu Sese Seko in former Zaire (Republic democratic Republic of Congo ) or Nazi racial regime of Juvenal Habyariamana in Rwanda.

Revolutionary War  doctrine is the result of Lacheroy studies on  Viet Minh communist guerrillas organization that on 1954 inflicted the first great defeat of France in its Asian colonies .

Studies offset by three works of geo strategy : the military essay ” The Total War ” written in 1936 by the spearhead of Nazi intelligentsia : Marshal Erich Luderdorff , the work of Mao Tse-tung always published in 1936 : ” Problems of China’s war revolutionary strategy ” and the study of 1939 written by the Russian Communist psychologist Serge Tchakhotine : ” The rape of the masses by political propaganda “.

The official statement is also contradicted by the chapter focus of the report called “Ten priority measures“.

Faced with the difficulties encountered by France  the beginning of the 90s and the transformation of the African continent more and more difficult to control , there is need to new strategies economic, military, cultural, development cooperation that represent the evolution of Revolutionary War  theory of the and the France- Afrique activities.

French government should be provided with effective long-term strategy in order to face the challenges of the Twenty-First Century : to counterbalance the influence of Beijing and Washington and to contain the nationalist ideas of  former African British and Portuguese now colonies becoming regional powers (Angola , Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa , Uganda) with the aim to  preventing the same path in the former French-speaking colonies .

After ten months of research and interviews with political and economic realities of the various countries we have the certainty that the current African policy of France evolves more slowly than Africa. It is not our task to resurrect the African cell in the Rue Monsieur . It is our task to implement an evolution of previous strategies .

There is need to abandon the colonial prejudices and see Africa as a key element in the political and economic survival of France. The evolution of the France- Afrique is to be inserted in the reorganization of the French Cooperation and the strengthening of the tasks and objectives of the French Agency for Development ( AFD )”, they write in the introduction to the report and Senators Lorgeoux Bockel .

The report advocates the adoption of a  diplomatic regional strategy and forecast to implement an harmonization of strategies through the establishment of Diplomatic Regional Headquarters and the establishment of Regional Ambassadors with decisive powers in direct contact with the French Republic Presidency. These new diplomatic entities will have the task of concentrating the information from the various French Embassies and Consulates currently present in Africa, acting as an intermediary between Paris and the local authorities in the region of competence and to identify the most appropriate strategies and actions directly with the Presidency .

From a military point of view the two Senators insist on the need to keep all the military bases in Africa: Ivory Coast, Senegal , Mali, Niger , Burkina Faso, Congo Libreville , Chad, Central African Republic, Djibouti .

French Minister of Defense should have the necessary  economic resources to devote to African crises with special priority to francophone Countries currently at risk of American or Chinese influenza as Senegal, Chad, Congo Libreville, those of strategic importance: (Niger , Burkina Faso, Djbouti ) and the unstable ones (Mali , Central African Republic , Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi) .

These funds will also cover any funding for  “unconventional friends Forces operating in their countries or in neighboring countries and to contain imperialist policies of African countries enemies of France and of peace.”, according to reports from reliable sources on website of the American Political Analysis : Africa Intelligence.

On the economic front the highest priority is to counter the penetration of China , which has become the largest trading partner of Africa. ” The Chinese  conquered in total discretion. Is better for us to regroup to defend our interests. “said Jeanny Lorgeoux to JeuneAfrique .

Lorgeoux Bockel  confirm the support of French Investors in Africa and the fundamental role of multinationals such as nuclear giant AREVA in the control of natural resources and strategic countries as Niger. At the same time they insist on the need to involve French small and medium-sized enterprises to ensure a more widespread economic control of African markets that can regenerate the Motherland industrial sector.

The two strategists also examine African emigration in French defining of the current immigration policy of the French “unacceptable , disrespectful and counterproductive.”

The proposal submitted is a new ” selective ” immigrant policy with the introduction of multi-year visas for all the studies  duration  or the professional experience of the young middle-class African university students .

The goal is to create a future political elite grateful and faithful to the values ​​of the Francophonie and French Republic values .

To reinforce these values ​​there is the need to establish a large regional francophone university based in Dakar on the model of the Sorbonne in Paris as a pilot project which will be followed by other high quaity francophone universities in all major regions of the African continent , including Anglophone Countries .

L’Afrique east notre avenir seems to be destined to become the new theoretical basis of the France-Afrique to maintain the political and cultural influence on the Continent and , above all, continue to secure control of the raw materials preventing China and the United States to expand their influence .

This new strategic thinking does not replace , but supports and transforms the concept of the Revolutionary War , creating consciously the foundations for new instability and wars in the African Continent.

The new course of France is pushing various experts in the White House , Pentagon and key African Countries to reach the conclusion that is required an energetic work of ” containment” of the Grandeur Francais (the Great France) Twenty-First Century version .

What are African Anglophone Countries reactions?

A clear answer has been made ​​by South African President Jacob Zuma in October 2013 following an invitation to the Summit France-Afrique, subtly renamed by President François Hollande : “Summit Afrique – France“.

The text of the official letter sent by the French President Jacob Zuma is extremely light and closes all hope on the part of Paris to have South Africa as ally in all French intrigues in the Great Lakes Region:  Congo , Burundi and Rwanda.

I do not see any convenience  to participate in the summit France- Afrique , when France does not encourage democracy that the people of its colonies desire. In fact, France reinforces and consolidates only its interests in its colonies , continually appealing for order and peace but without hesitate ,  however, to destabilize all the nationalist movements that are opposed to its unique design : the wealth of the colonies must continue to nurture the French economy. We want a strong African leadership by encouraging indigenous leadership not  a kind of  Africa imagined by France in order to continue to strengthen the plundering of African resources . ”

The letter of President Jacob Zuma may be sound extremist but, in light of the facts, is extremely realistic when defining the French-speaking African Countries still as French colonies .

The journalist Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN reports in the Italian journal AfricaNews.it that 14 African Countries are forced by France, through a colonial pact , to deposit 85% of their foreign exchange reserves in the Central Bank controlled by the French Ministry of Finance in Paris.

So far, on 2014  Togo and other 13 African countries will have to pay a colonial debt to France. African leaders who refuse to do so, are killed or are victims of coups. Those who obey are supported and rewarded by France with Pharaonic lifestyles while their people live in abject poverty and despair. It’s an evil system denounced by the European Union, but France is not ready to renounce its financial colonial system that moves $ 500 billion from Africa to his Treasury each year. ” complaint  Koutonin.



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