Nairobi Monday 31 March 2014, 7:30 pm (local time) terrorist attack in Eastleigh’s 11th Street. Three bomb blasts occurred at Sheraton Café and The New Kwa Musairua Super Grill Centre. Both of the two place are frequented by VIP and tourist.

Nairobi County police commander Benson Kibue said initial reports indicated six people were killed and 20 others injured, most of them taken to Mother and Child Hospital, Guru Nanak Hospital and Kenyatta National Hospital.

Most probably the attack is done by Somali Islamic group Al-Shabaab as response of AMISOM military offensive start on March in Somalia. AMISOM has capture nine strategic town previously under Al-Shabaab control.

This attack, just after the one in the church in Mombasa, was possible to avoid. On Saturday a suspected terrorist died in the same place after an explosive he was assembling went off. Despite this, police and army have not increase the protection and surveillance in the strategic areas of Kenyan capital.

A situation not easily explainable considering that last week Interior Cabinet Secretary Jospeh Ole Lenku announced an additional 500 police officer deployed in Nairobi and Mombasa to enhance security and surveillance to thwart any terror threats across the two major cities.

Despite the aid of FBI agents, Kenyan Police, Army and Intelligence are totally incompetents to prevent and fight terrorism, the first reason because Kenya remain the first privileged target of Islamic terrorism.

Kenyan Defense response is just concentrate in arbitrary arrest of young citizen of Muslim community in Mombasa and to expel Somalirefugees in Dadaab refugee camp, border with Somalia. Two measure that are not adequate to combat terrorism and they can risk to increase the Muslim Kenyan youth enlist in national and Somali terrorist organization.

Slowly is reinforcing the suspect that Uhruru Kenyatta Government may exploit Al-Shabaab terror threat allowing the terrorist attack with the target to increase the international support in order to avoid CPI trials sentences.

Immediate the economic conseguences. The majority of West Government have issued travel advisories, warning their citizens to avoid Kenya as tourist destination.

Security sources who did not wish to be named said to Kenyan Newspaper Daily Nation they had received information that terror attacks were planned in major places in Kampala, Uganda a country more military efficient than Kenya.

Ugandan authorities are increasing the security preventive measures, but the possibility of deadly attack from Al-Shabaab is high according regional experts.

The weak side of Ugandan security system is the Immigration. Thanks of high level of corruption thousands of immigrants are in the Country without proper registration.

A difference of Kenya, Islamic terrorist may concentrate in Uganda on easy target like bus station and local market instead to shopping malls.

Fulvio Beltrami

Kampala Uganda



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