The Rwandan government has uncovered a massive fraud on the management of aid to the survivors of the genocide , 10 days before the commemoration of the Holocaust , which began on the night between 05 and 06 April, with the attack on the presidential plane shot down two air missiles launched from the hills above the international airport in Kigali. In the attack have been perished Rwandan President Juvenal Habyariamana and his Burundian counterpart Cyprien Ntaryamira .

Almost a million dollars have been cleverly stolen by the Fund for Genocide Survivors ( FARG ). The fund was created in 1998 to offer financial assistance to the survivors through programs of economic reintegration, support of private initiatives trade and production and the construction of housing.

The two suspects are: Alivera Mukabaramba , Minister of State for Local Government and Theophile Ruberangeyo , Executive Secretary of the Fund for Genocide Survivors .

The judiciary in Kigali immediately opened a criminal investigation to understand the dynamics that have made possible the crime and to individuate their respective responsibilities.

Mukabaramba and Ruberangeyo were summoned by a parliamentary commission that considered their explanations not credible. A financial audit has been completed and submitted to the Parliament and President Paul Kagame .

The first results of the 21.9 billion Rwanda Francs ( 32.3 million dollars) spent on assistance to survivors, 594.6 million Rwanda Francs , equivalent to $ 877,000 , are unaccounted for .

2800 beneficiaries are still without homes , even though their names might result in the registers of housing already built and entrusted to survivors according to the financial report that assesses the upright subtracted equivalent to $ 127,000 .

5,709 housing have not been completed or have been allocated to beneficiaries who are not survivors of the genocide but belonging to the Burundian, Congolese and Ugandan diasporas returned to Rwanda after 1994.

Other $ 432,000 meant for income generating projects cannot be accounted for, $ 126,000 were diverted into activities not related to what it was initially meant for, and $ 192,000 are missing fron the accounts of the Fund.

President Paul Kagame, the Government and Parliament were bewildered by the outcome of the financial report. Rwanda has the lowest rate of corruption in Africa equal to that of the Scandinavian countries. The fight against corruption and for the good governance were the main objectives of the Rwandan Patriotic Front that has always strived to meet since its first term government after the war of liberation from the razial Nazi regime of Juvenal Habyariamana . The other objectives are: national reconciliation and economic development.

This scandal is not only a serious signal that the anti-corruption mechanisms designed and implemented by the government in Kigali are not infallible as once believed. It is a horrible insult to the nation as the embezzlement of public money has touched the most sensitive and delicate issue of the country: the survivors of the Holocaust.

I will not discuss whether the funds for the survivors of the genocide were poorly used or not. I insist that we should wait for more accurate financial reports before draw conclusions. ” This is the initial defense of the Minister of State for Local Government : Alivera Mukabaramba , accusing the financial report to be approximate .

Jean Pierre Nkurunziza the spokesperson of the Finance Agency Ombudsman in charge of the audit thinks contrary . According to Nkurunziza the report submitted to the Government is the result of a meticulous and precise analysis of the books of the most sacred institution of the Government of Rwanda : the Fund FARG .

During the audit all financial informations have been carefully analyzed, and the calculations were repeated several times according to the modern techniques of verification. Who says that the Report is approximately must also prove it. “Said Nkurunziza .

The national press as well as the regional media seems to have chosen to minimize or partially hide the news of this macabre scandal. Only The East African weekly published an article about it in the pages of his current regional edition of 29 March to 4 April 2014.

The financial report has been made ​​public during the month dedicated to the women who survived the Genocide, an initiative of the First Lady Jeannette Kagame , with the aim of promoting international public opinion that the horrors of the Rwandan women have been forced to live and their plight as survivors caused by severe physical and psychological trauma.

Tragic and shameful irony of history , the scandal over the funds for the survivors have mainly affected female beneficiaries . A completely incomprehensible act contrary to the determination of the Government of Rwanda to promote woman social , economic and political partecipation.

Rwanda is one of the few countries in the world with a percentage of women parliamentarians and ministers that exceeds 50 % . In the economic sector , 40% of managers are women .

Despite the orchestrated silence of the national and regional media , the scandal threatens to tarnish the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Genocide and the efforts so far made ​​by the Government to assist the survivors. The Fund FARG had previously suffered criticism from the Rwandan diaspora abroad, who had accused the FARG favor only Tutsi survivors and not the Hutu ones. Accusation strongly denied by the Government.

The scandal is also likely to strengthen the anti-government campaign carried done by the European diaspora and refugees in South Africa united in their intention to overthrow the current regime of President Kagame to restore the Hutu racial supremacy . The two diasporas provide political and financial support to the Rwandan terrorist group FLDR , which operates in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo , which since August 2013 is planning to invade Rwanda and ” finish the job ” .

According to information received from reliable sources the scandal was discovered in 2013 when the Rwandan Prime Minister ordered an investigation to ascertain the financial entity much look forward to avoid publicity from national and regional media.

The government in Kigali has assured that will provide impartial judicial inquiry and exemplary sentences of this heinous crime. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. The image of a just state and the memory of the genocide have been compromised by a simple operation as inhumane embezzlement of public funds .

The scandal FARG can offer macabrebutimportantopportunities for reflectionforthis youngnation andits government, stillprisonersof the horrorsof the past.

The lesson to be drawn is that the enemies of the Rwandan society are not exclusively abroad as it tends to make people believe the Government.

Hence theneed to strengthensocial justiceand progressto which the populationhasaccess, fundamentally rethinkingself-destructiveforeign policydominated by theIsraeliSyndromeofimperialist controlof the region.

A policy that inevitably leads to confrontation with other nations already experienced by Israeli, Palestinian and Arab populations with disastrous results.

Kampala Uganda





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