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Following the publication of the article published in African Voices : Rwanda Terrorism Alert  (http://africanvoicess.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/rwanda-terrorism-alert/) I  have been subject to dozens of virulent attacks from Congolese nationalists and representatives of Italian Catholicism . In general I was accused of promoting the propaganda of the Government of Rwanda through lies and contribute to the destabilization of the Congo. A  Catholic Italian blog “Albe Rwandesi” did not find better set up a smear campaign against myself composed the first two articles published April 24 The Indro : accusations to the ” Catholic Church in the margins of recent arrests ” (http :/ / alberwandesi.blogspot.com/2014/04/lindro-accuse-alla-chiesa-cattolica-in.html) and the second May 11 ” Errare humanum est , perserverare…” ( http://alberwandesi.blogspot .com/2014/05/errare-humanum-est-perserverare.html_ ) . The obsession and virulence of these attacks have forced me to inform the direction of this blog of a possible legal action to safeguard my profession if they had not stopped these vulgar activities that affect my work as correct and tip information other than the daily bread that I bring to my family.

For people not familiar with the appalling dynamics of the Great Lakes Region , these attacks may be inexplicable. On the contrary they respond to a perverse logic that has lasted since 90s. A logic in which the Tutsi are considered the mother of all evils and therefore should be exterminated .

This logic leads of some Italians Catholic , often with sporadic contact with the reality in Rwanda if not through ” exiles ” and priests fled to the crimes committed in 1994 to support and promote subtly direct or racial propaganda of Nazi racial supremacy HUTUPOWER . An ideology that Albe Rwandans actively promotes through the publication of revisionist articles like those Serge Dupuis (http://alberwandesi.blogspot.com/2014/04/la-lettura-revisionista-di-un.html).

A logic that drives  part of the Congolese people to make all the blames of the present situation of their country  only to Rwanda, its government and all Tutsi , falling squarely into the trap set by their President: Joseph Kabila who is plundering the Congo. Let us remember that the Congo in 2001 ushered in the first PRESIDENTIAL DYNASTY in the history of the Continent. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, that  would like to do the same, is experiencing strong difficulties in implementing the plan. In Congo, it was enough of an administrative appointment …

The Rwandese government has specific responsibilities in the two Pan African wars fighting in DRC or supporting the Banyarwanda rebel movement known as M23 . But nobody can   condemn  Rwandan Government if it try to fight in every way its enemies in order  to prevent a second genocide. Even if this fight risk to involve the neighboring country DRC because of  its  government openly collaborates with an international terrorist group , the FDLR who intend to invade Rwanda and finish the destruction of the ” cockroaches ” started on 1994.

In my work as a journalist I try to provide accurate information and impartial even if they are uncomfortable . If a journalist in Rwanda of a Catholic radio is associated with the FDLR to assassinate President Paul Kagame, as a journalist I have to report the news even if this news doesn’t  please to  a certain percentage of Italian Catholics anchored in ideological logic that I hope will be in the minority .

I Must observe that no journalist is truly unbiased, myself included . I have my political sympathies which are: the peoples of Rwanda and Congolese,  victims of this madness promote by politician and Vatican that has lasted for twenty years. I have my dislikes toward Presidents kleptomaniacs puppets of Western powers . This is a truth undeniable and indelible.

Nonetheless the information that I propose is based on facts , eyewitness and direct accounts, living in the region.

Defamation campaigns against  Beltrami are not instituting a crusade against myself, but a more extensive crusade based ib ethnic hatred and feelings of death. A crusade that leads to lash out at anyone who tries to offer news  that are not steeped on the ideology. There are no saints or evils . Each one has its wrongs even Joseph Kabila and Paul Kagame . The horror is that the two peoples (DRC and Rwanda) pay the consequences , ordinary people like you and me ! In Great Lakes Region this consequences normally are paying with the blood of the innocents!

One advice I would humbly to give to  these diehard fanatics who have made hatred against the Tutsis , their only reason for living.

Instead of promote primordial ethnic hatred and poison , promote a culture of peace and multi racial integration of the two peoples : the Congolese and Rwandese  through the necessary social, cultural , economic and political integration . Your energies will be better spent for the benefit of all. If  it will be necessary for regime change against Joseph Kabila and Paul Kagame, I think this is a fair price to pay but should be done only in Democratic way!. To the brothers of the Congolese diaspora in Europe I advice to work hard for democratic change in their country before the International Community reaches the wrong conclusion that the only solution to make normal Congo is  the implementation of balkanization process of the country.

My speech is not aimed to prevent criticism of my work, necessary for every journalist in order to mature himself and improve the information offered to the public. It aims to stop these attacks, because inside of the reality of the Great Lakes, they can easily turn into an issue of personal safety, as the fanatic of HutuPower historically have never hesitated to physically eliminate journalist adverse to  them.

Fulvio Beltrami

Kampala Uganda.



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